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Cookies Policy

Cookies can be regarded as small files which are placed on a customer`s electronic device to identify one`s visits and saved preferences. These files are usually shown in a combination of letters and numbers. They are sent from the website`s server and stored in a customer`s device when one is trying to reach us.

Cookies remember preferences of each customer who is accessing our website. For example, they help to keep a customer logged in, save all information on a personal account, save the history of orders etc.

If you decide to use our website, you accept our cookie policy running on your electronic device. You are free to disable cookies any time. However, note that this can lead to certain website functionality problems. In other words, if cookies are disabled on your device, we do not guarantee you proper work of the website.

Persistent cookies are those that are stored in between the browser sessions. They serve in order to save customer`s preferences. Session cookies are temporary. They do not keep details about visitor`s experience for a long time. Namely, the information is erased once a customer closes a certain tab.

There are several main reasons for what we use cookies. Among them:

  1. To monitor customers` activity through Google Analytics
  2. To keep customers signed in into their personal cabinets
  3. To provide customers with instant round-the-clock support
  4. To place an order – cookies are used while filling in the order form. It will not be possible to make an order the disabled cookies

Blocking and Deleting Cookies

Cookies play an important role in proper website functionality. However, each customer has the right to disable cookies on own device. Relying on the fact that cookies do improve the whole work of a website, we cannot assure you to feel all the advantages of our cooperation with the cookies blocked.

Note that Google Analytics helps us to monitor customers` activity and see how they interact with our website. It plays an important role while creating statistical reports about the activity on the website.

We use cookies with the aim of providing our customers with the most effective and productive cooperation. Before browsing our website, take into account the cookie policy. If any questions arise, feel free to contact us at any time.